Production Cost

A ZephAir unit can be produced cheaply. 

  • Raspberry Pi 3 - $30 - We believe that we could manufacture a computer chip specifically to run the single lightweight script that supports ZephAir, which would cost significantly less.
  • 3D Printed ZephAir case - $1.54
  • Miscellaneous Costs (wires, screws, etc.) - $3
  • All told, we would be able to produce a market-ready version of ZephAir for under $20 per unit.

People are paying to make their homes smart.

The home automation market is exploding:

  • The Philips Hue, a smart lighting system, starts at $70 per unit and sold over three thousand units in the first half of 2016 alone.
  • The Amazon Echo, at $180, sold over five million units in 2016.
  • We believe we could reasonably sell ZephAir at a cost of $50.

Production Timeline

  • Design - The product is already designed, and we already have several ideas on improvement
  • Prototype - We already have a primitive prototype, and believe we could have an improved prototype which fully integrates the app, improved weather information, and a better algorithm within 3 months.
  • Validation Testing - Validating performance of our product is as simple as letting it sit in a home for a while and monitoring its changes with the air quality, as well as testing app integration.
  • Market Testing - Adequate market testing requires that we get our product out to the community. We believe we could get units out to the local community and get meaningful feedback, especially in the upcoming pollen season, within a month or two.
  • Start of Production - Factoring in time for delays, we should be ready to move to production in 6 months.

Market Prediction

  • Almost 60 million Americans suffer from some sort of allergies or asthma, and about 20 million Americans have a dust mite allergy.
  • In 2015 there were about 6 million units of air purifier sales.
  • Market size estimated at $11.34 billion in 2015
  • Every house with an air purifier is a potential ZephAir house.
  • If only 5% of people with dust mite allergies purchased a ZephAir unit, that is roughly 1 million units in sales, translating to ~$50 million in gross revenue, and ~$30 million in profit per year.

Future Plans

With a solid solution being introduced, we know that we can make a better product. Further updates to software will allow more customization and tailored settings just for you.

We would like to apply for a patent for ZephAir, and work with air purifying companies to streamline the interaction between ZephAir and the air purifiers.

Allergy severity can be put in to ZephAir to have better baseline functionality to one’s own needs. As more consumers use ZephAir, meaningful data can be collected to better rework the algorithms in place to increase user savings.

The average home is 10 to 100 times more polluted than the outdoors. In the future, we would like to develop an indoor sensor to integrate with ZephAir in order to further refine the dynamic air purification algorithm.

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